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Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

EarthSong: Mindfulness In Education

"100 years ago, brushing your teeth everyday was a rare occurrence.  Today it is a common practice.  That is the same for contemplative practices.  It will be a common daily practice in the future.  It's like brushing or warming up the brain" Dan Siegel, MD, UCLA

Used in Corporations, Hospitals, Sports, the Arts & NOW Schools

Program curriculum for school aged children kindergarten through 12th grade, and college level.  Curriculum also benefits teachers by reducing stress levels and increasing student work out-put.  Classrooms are more manageable leading to improved academic achievement.


Test Taking    *   Public Speaking   *   Acadmics   *   Peer Interactions  

*   Sports   *      Family Life   *   Music & Creative Arts

Mindfulness practice is particularly useful for people with ADHD.  Not only does it offer invaluable practice in paying attention, developing of that skill over time; it also offers the reward of intrinsically interesting experiences... all day, every day.  
(Mindfulness and the brain:  Insights from the Work of Daniel Siegel, MD)


"I am not a very emotional person but I do have a quick temper.  Min Power has helped with my anger.  When I'm angry I just focus on sound s and take deep breaths.  Armar (MindPower Journaling)

If I were living in a Mindful Life I would have been gave my life to Christ.  I would have never held a gun or a knife; I would have never learned how to shoot dice.  I would've been the man my mom wanted me to be and I would've never hung out in the streets; & I... would've got my high school degree; and I never would've seen cell one-thirteen"  Flame aka Karlton(excerpt from lyrics developed in Portsmouth Public Schools Mindfulness workshops with GED students)

  • Using Breath to Sustain Focus  
  • The Sound Gateway 
  • Meta Focus on Everyday Tasks  
  • Body Scans - Emergency First Aid

Participants Include:

Portsmouth Public Schools:  Students & Teachers
Chesapeake Health & Human Services
Suffolk Center for The Arts
Urban Arts Center
Tidewater Detention Center

"Paying attention in a particular way; on purpose in the present moment, and non-judgmentally."  Jon Kabat-Zinn

For more information and to set up workshops please contact.

EarthSong Division - CCDI @ 757.399.0925

Monday, July 11, 2011

EarthSong: Farm & Retreat Center

Dedication to the celebration and enhancement of life 
through a deep commitment to, 
and an exploration of, 

 Nestled on 70 acres of land in the foothills of the Blude Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia

  • Create an environment where one heals the body, mind & spirit while nurturing the Earth.
  • Produce organically grown high quality, vital food of the greatest possible nutritional value without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Teach and share lifestyles which encourage physical and spiritual wellness for the individual as well as for the planet, through workshops and retreats.

  • Intern & work opportunities in the natural environment.
  • Cabins for individual, family, and small groups
  • Mindfulness & Wellness Retreats for youth, adults, families & professionals.
  • 7 Cabins with and without cooking facilities
  • Tents
  • On-site bathhouses
  • Zen gardens, walking trails, & mushroom farm,
  • Small outdoor performance area.
  • Solo retreats or short term rental

 For More Information Contact: 276.930.4505

A Gregory Lin Cooke Memorial Fund Agency

Friday, July 1, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Medical Transcription

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Medical Transcription

Accuracy Transcription
717 Independence Blvd.
Virginia Beach, VA 23455
p- 757.321.0791
f- 757.327.0792
e- sandra@accuracytranscription.com

"We type it right the first time"

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Janitorial, Laundry, Marketing

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Carolina Clean
Shirley Newsome
909 48th Street
Newport News, VA 23605
p- 757.595.9935
f- 757.595.9936
e- carolinacln@msn.com

Janitorial Services



Drop & Go One Price Cleaners
1120 London Boulevard
Portsmouth, VA 23704
p- 757.397.5734
Dry Cleaning & Laundry

"Savings is the Game, Drop & Go is the Name"

Bruce Williams & Associates


A. Bruce Williams & Assoc.
Bruce Williams
500 East Bute Street
Norfolk, VA 23510
p- 757.622.6888
f- 757.622.8188
e- bwilliams@series2000.com

Marketing, Media & Customer Care Consulting

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Health/Domestic Care

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Alternate Care Services
Barbara Hammack
621 Nevan Road, Suite 204
Virginia Beach, VA 23471
p- 757.422.CARE (2273)
f- 757.422.4889
"Does your Granny need a Nanny?"

In-home domestic care services 


Private Care Services
Debe Loving
5660 E. Virginia Beach Blvd., Ste 204
Norfolk, VA 23502
p- 757.455.6801
f- 757.455.6809
e- debe.loving@verizon.net

Home Care Agency

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Food

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El Flamboyan Deli
9610-C 1st View Street
Norfolk, VA 23503
p- 757.531.8453

Puerto Rican Appetizers & Sandwiches 


Mr. Cream Cones
115 Gilmerton Avenue
Portsmouth, VA 23704
p- 757.712.2890

Mobile Ice Cream Service for All Occasions

A&B Mini Mart & Restaurant
Aurora G. Higgins
723 Monticello Avenue
Norfolk, VA 23510
p- 757.622.4040

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Contractors & Floral Industry

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Chisholm & Sons Construction Co.
Don Chisholm
1600 Loren Cresent
Portsmouth, VA 23701
p- 757.485.0705 or 757.465.1933

Home remodeling & new construction 

Complete Renovations & Repair
Reggie Locklear
660 Willow Bend Drive
Chesapeake, VA 23323
p- 757.487.7777 or 757.456.1458
f- 757.487.5105

"O.K....FIX IT"

Quality Builders
Edward Matthews
6446 Horton Circle
Norfolk, VA 23513
p- 757.672.6149
f- 757.858.9962
"We Build Quality"

General Contractor & Construction Repair 



GKG Import Group, Inc.
George Gunter
844 Providence Road
Chesapeake, VA 23320
p- 757.248.5657
f- 757.248.5659
e- ggunter@gkgimportgroup.com

Microenterprise: Business Directory: Computer Sales & Services

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Computer Sales & Services

Computer Services
Wayne or Deborah Denston
796 C Poquoson Avenue
Poquoson, VA 23662
p- 757.659.0069
f- 757.659.0077
e- computersurgeon@cox.net

New & Used Computer Sales and Services


Geeks On Call
2643 Lake Ridge Crossing
Chesapeake, VA 23323
p- 757.485.2903 or 757.635.3146
f- 757.485.2903
e- ernie.stallcop@geeksoncall.com

On-site computer services


NT Computer Services, Inc.
208 East Plume Street, Suite 2
Norfolk, VA 23510
p- 757.622.8333 or 757.825.5471
f- 757.838.3302
e- intva@yahoo.com

Computer Training - "Training is a process, not an event"

    Microenterprise: Business Directory: Clothier

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    "An Original by Peter E."
    Peter Eason
    2724 Peach Street
    Portsmouth, VA 23704
    p- 757.399.1713
    e- aobpe@aol.com

    Custom-made monogrammed neckties 


    The Look
    Danny R. Baker
    129 View Point Drive
    Newport News, VA 23603
    p/f- 757.820.0972
    e- dbaker898@aol.com

    Custom-tailored suites and shirts


    Real Deal Merchandising
    3940 Airline Blvd.
    Suite 120
    Chesapeake, VA 23321
    p- 757.405.1500

    Mens and Womens Fashion Boutique 


    Xpress Uniforms
    The Williamsburg Outlet Mall
    6401 Richmond Road
    Lightfoot, VA 23090
    p- 757.476.5887
    f- 757.476.5888

    Medical uniforms, accessories, and shoes

      Microenterprise: Business Directory: Chiropractors

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      Health Links Chiropractic Clinic
      Dr. Jon K. Parmiter
      5241 Princess Anne Road, Suite 102
      Virginia Beach, VA 23462
      p- 757.557.0010
      f- 757.557.0060
      e- drjkp@starpower.net

      "Health isn't how you feel, it's how your function."

      Eccher Family Chiropractic
      Dr. Jody Eccher
      508 N. Birdneck Road, Ste D
      Virginia Beach, VA 23451
      p- 757.422.2210
      e- dreccher@hotmail.com

      Applied Kinesiology, a specialty wholistic chiropractic approach to natural healing.


      Cavalier Chiropractic
      Dr. Morgan A. Joe, Jr.
      2539 Corprew Avenue
      Norfolk, VA 23504
      p- 757.628.1574
      f- 757.628.6574

      Microenterprise: Business Directory: Automotive Services

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      Alliance Collision Center
      Jennifer Wilkins
      240 W. 25th Street
      Norfolk, VA 23517
      p- 757.627.3140
      cp- 757.535.0044
      f- 757.627.3432
      e- undergroundalli@yahoo.com

      Automotive Body Repair

        Urban Arts Center: Learn More

        Learn More      UAC Ensemble      Testimonials      Requirements     Contact

        The UAC offers multiple programs. In the year-round after-school program, students meet three times per week with classes in Steel Pans, African Drumming, Dance, and Performance.  Some of the most talented instructors, performers, and educators in the region are commissioned to work with UAC participants.  Programming is very affordable, costing only $35 an individual or $50.00 a family per month (12-15 classes).

        The UAC also sponsors Camp Celebration, a highly acclaimed annual six-weeks performing arts summer camp. Added to the  year-round curriculum are Creative Writing, Child Development, and Performance Technology. The camp culminates with two Camp Celebration Gala's a well anticipated event held the first Friday in August each year with lunchtime and evening shows. 

        Membership is open to everyone, regardless of prior experience. Parents are encouraged to experience the laughter, learning and magic of community by joining the UAC and participating along with their children.  

        The UAC also has a touring ensemble made up of students from the summer camp and year round evening program.  The award winning Urban Arts Ensemble is available for venues in communities, for organizations, state and private functions.  Please see more information under Urban Arts Ensemble.

        Urban Arts Center: Contact

         Learn More      UAC Ensemble      Testimonials      Requirements     Contact

        Urban Arts Center
        440 High Street, Suite-204
        Portsmouth, VA 23704
        p- 757.399.0925
        f- 757.399.2642
        email- profit4@ccdi-va.net

        Pat Burns, Manager